These habits of parents harm children, have a strong effect on mental health


Newz Fast, New Delhi: When it comes to discipline, young children are ignorant and parents train in a strange way, sometimes they even kill, but you know that all this makes the child mentally weak. gives. We think that the child understands by being beaten, but it is always the opposite, the child gets spoiled beyond the limit.

In our society, when a child makes a mistake, parents tell him various things, mentally torture him, which experts have told absolutely wrong. Because the child does not make mistakes for some time due to the fear of beating, if he does, he tries to hide it, which is a betrayal from the parents.

If someone makes a mistake, instead of killing him, he should be explained with love, make him realize the mistake. Beating is not considered the solution to every mistake. Today we will tell you about punishment and discipline.

Punishment and Discipline
If the child makes a mistake, then he is punished for that action, sometimes even beating, but discipline is such an option in which instructions are given to improve the child, so that if the child goes somewhere, while doing something Don't make mistake.

Children do not learn from punishment, but wrong thoughts start coming in their mind, wrong feelings are formed towards the parents, the right option is to explain to the child with love on the mistake.

Effect of punishment
Punishment makes the child worse, he starts repeating mistakes, he starts misbehaving and speaking in front of parents when he gets scolded more, whereas discipline teaches the child to fight with mistakes and makes the behavior good.

Beating is not the solution
By now you must have understood that there is a big difference between punishment and discipline, and beating a child cannot be expected to improve it. By beating, the child will only know that he is bad but he will not understand why. Every day new questions will come in the mind of the child, due to which he will start getting worried.

Impact on mental health
The biggest reason for punishment is that the child is the most mentally tortured and gets filled with bad thoughts, starts behaving rude everyday. According to experts, spanking has a lot of effect on the child.

Impact on study
It has often been seen that parents torture the child for the most studies, even if they do not study, they beat them, then it has a bad effect on the child. Instead of reading, the child starts deteriorating,

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