Smartwatch Offer: This 6 thousand Smartwatch is available for only 2 thousand rupees, better offer will not be available again

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: But at this time when most people would be thinking of buying smartwatches from the offline market, during that time Flipkart has announced this offer.

There is a good opportunity for smartwatch enthusiasts in India. Actually Flipkart has brought a big opportunity for the customers when they buy Smart Watch.

In which customers can save around ₹ 4000. This offer is not usually available to the customers.

But at this time when most people would be thinking of buying a smartwatch from the offline market, during that time Flipkart announced this offer.

What is this smartwatch and how customers can take advantage of this offer, today we are going to tell you about it.
who is this smart

What is the watch and what is its specialty, if you talk about it as a smart watch, then its name is in this smart watch, you get to see a lot of features.

In this, you get to see spo2 as well as heart rate monitor ring system as well as strong battery life of 10 days, besides female menstrual cycle, drink water reminder and sedentary reminder.

It is capable of taking special care of everyone's help and its design is also very special or is a water proof smart watch which will help you a lot in maintaining fitness

How much is the price and what is the offer
If we talk about the price of this smart watch on Flipkart, then customers can buy it for just ₹1999. Although this is not its real value

Because Flipkart is offering a full 66 percent discount on this smart watch. After applying this hefty discount, its original price comes down from ₹5999 to ₹1999.

That is, you can buy a smart watch of about ₹ 6000 for just ₹ 2000. I do not think that any company is offering such a huge discount on the purchase of smartwatch at this time.

But if you buy this smart watch from Flipkart then you too can take advantage of this amazing offer. Boult Cosmic is a powerful smart watch in which you will get to see more than one health and activity features.

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