Netflix gave a big blow to the users! Now sharing the password will cost extra money, know everything here


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Netflix is ​​the world's most popular OTT platform. Netflix is ​​going to make a lot of changes. These changes are going to prove to be beneficial for the users as well as harmful.

If you are also an indirect Netflix user and you watch Netflix on friend or family account then news is for you.

Netflix is ​​going to release a new feature, which will make password sharing a paid feature, that is, if you share your account password with someone you know, you will have to pay extra for that.

Netflix gave a big blow to the users!

It has been seen many times, in many places, that in order to watch a show or movie of Netflix, even if we do not have an account, then we can watch the show from our account by taking the password of the account of our friends or someone we know. take.

Let us tell you that now you will have to pay extra money to do this and Netflix has made sure arrangements for this.

You will have to pay extra money for sharing the password

Let us tell you that Netflix has announced a new feature, the Netflix Profile Transfer feature.

With the help of this feature, this OTT platform is hoping to control password sharing. This new rule will be issued from 2023 and under this a sub-account will have to be created to share the password, for which money will have to be paid.

At present, it has not been told how much the price will be, but according to reports and sources, the price of password sharing can be between $3-$4 (approximately between Rs 250-330). It has not yet been told how much it will cost in India and when this feature will be released.

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