Golden opportunity to buy iPhone 13, getting huge discount, do this work quickly

iphone 13

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Big Saving Days sale is going on at Flipkart. This cell has started from 16 December, which is going to run till 21 December.

In this cell, huge discounts are being given on smartphones, smart TVs and many electronic items. Everyone's eye is on the iPhone 13 as soon as the sale starts. During the sale, the price of the iPhone gets reduced considerably. In this cell too, a huge discount is being given on the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Offers & Discounts

The launching price of iPhone 13 is Rs 69,900, but it is available on Flipkart for Rs 62,999. A discount of 9 percent is being given on the phone. Apart from this, there are also many bank and exchange offers, due to which the price of the phone can be further reduced.

iPhone 13 Bank Offers

If you use Flipkart Axis Bank's credit card to buy iPhone 13, then you will get a discount of Rs 3,150, after which the price of the phone will be Rs 59,849. After that there is also an exchange offer.

iPhone 13 Exchange Offer

An exchange offer of Rs 17,500 is available on the iPhone 13. If you exchange your old smartphone then you will get this much off. But a discount of Rs 17,500 will be available only when the condition of your phone is good and the model is latest. If you manage to get the complete off then the price of the phone will be Rs 42,349. That is, you will get a discount of about 27 thousand rupees on the phone.

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