Find your lover's live location with this app, know how?

Google maps

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Location Share App With the help of this app, you can now find out the location of anyone. You do not need to do much to find the location. To find the location, you will have to take the help of Google Maps and WhatsApp. With this information, you will be told the complete way to remove live loctaion.

Do you also want to know the location of any of your personal? Very easy way to know the location. Let's know how can you know for live location, first of all you need to have your friend's phone data / Wi-Fi and GPS on. Whenever you will be able to see the live location on your phone.

By the way, according to the rule, removing someone's location is a legal offense. But, today we are going to tell you such a way, by which you can find out someone's location without any hassle.

Google Maps and WhatsApp will help to see the location
You will have to use third party (other apps) to know the location. Every person in the country is using Google Maps and WhatsApp, through which we can find out the location.

To find out the location, you have to talk to the person whose location you want to know about. Then he will be able to share his location with you with the help of Google Maps or WhatsApp. By which he will be able to get the information of the location.

First of all you have to turn on location sharing
To share location on Google Maps, you have to go to its option and turn on the option of location. By which the location will be shared with you.

Whereas you will also know that with whomever you have to share the location on WhatsApp, first of all you have to open the chat and keep the location on.

Live location can be detected in this way. You can also select the specific time you have to share the location in WhatsApp.

But, still many people will not know about all these features. Doing it without anyone's permission comes under the category of crime. Before sharing the location, you must take the permission of the person sharing the location.

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