Charge on UPI Payment: Will there be a charge on UPI payment or not? Know what is the new scheme of the government

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Now the Central Government has clarified the situation regarding this and the Union Ministry of Finance has said that there is no plan from the Central Government to levy Charges on UPI Payment. Is.

There was constant discussion after a review paper surfaced that the government is considering imposing a fee on UPI transactions.
The common people were very upset about this, but now the central government has cleared the situation and the Union Ministry of Finance said that on behalf of the central government, the charges on UPI payment will be imposed. There is no plan.

Because of this, the government does not want to impose any charge
The Union Ministry of Finance has made it clear that whoever is providing the service of UPI, will have to consider finding its cost in some other way.

The Finance Ministry said that payment through UPI is very convenient for the people and the economy is benefited by digital payments. That's why the government is not making any such preparations.

Debate erupts over RBI review paper
Let us tell you that recently the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had issued a review paper, which said whether special charge merchant discount rate should be levied on online payment? How to implement it?

Suggestions were sought from RBI that the same type of charge should be levied on every online payment or should it be charged according to the amount of money transferred?

The same thing was said about transactions with debit cards. From the review paper of RBI, it is believed that preparations for charging online payments are going on in a big way and seriously.
However, the central government has now clarified the situation and has denied any such planning and preparation.

UPI service provider should earn through other means: Government
The Union Finance Ministry has clarified by tweeting on the discussion about the imposition of charges on UPI payment.

The ministry said, 'UPI is a digital public good.
Which has immense convenience for the public and productivity gains for the economy. There is no idea in the government to levy any charges for UPI services. The concerns of the service providers for cost recovery have to be met through other means.

"The government provided financial support for the digital ecosystem last year and this year also announced to encourage the adoption of digital and promote payment platforms which are cost-effective and user-friendly," the ministry said.

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