Team India: This player became the most successful T20 bowler overtaking Chahal, sister's hard work made cricketer

Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Let us inform that Asia fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar recently took five wickets in just four overs in the match against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup, taking five wickets in T20 cricket.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the first Indian player to clean bowled in all three formats of cricket as well as take 5-5 wickets in all three formats of cricket, has recently done a tremendous feat.

Let us inform that Asia fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar recently took the record of taking five wickets in just four overs in the match against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup.

Breaks Yuzvendra Chahal's record
After this impressive performance against Afghanistan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar has 84 wickets in T20 Internationals. He has surpassed Yuzvendra Chahal to become the leading wicket-taker for India in T20 Internationals and also the first Indian bowler to take more than one five-wicket haul.

Selected in India's T20 team at the age of 22, the Uttar Pradesh all-rounder had thanked his parents as well as his sister for their achievement of reaching Team India.

Sister's hard work made cricketer
Recalling those days, Bhubaneswar's sister Rekha Aghana, who settled in Delhi after marriage, said, 'Seeing his passion for cricket, I decided to pursue him and started taking him to the stadium for coaching.

I used to talk constantly with his coach about his bowling. Our father's job was transferable and I was always trying that wherever we live, Bhuvneshwar gets all the facilities related to cricket.

He had recently said during a television program, 'After the selection in the Under-15 team, the family members thought that the 'boy' will do something.

But at the same time there was also the fear of what to do if it did not succeed. In the affair of cricket, he did not study much and what if he could not do much in cricket as well.

Many times out of the team due to injury
Bhuvneshwar Kumar, one of the few bowlers in the world to swing the ball on both sides of the wicket, had to be out of the team due to injuries several times.

When asked about this, he told that initially his balls used to swing, but they did not have much speed. According to him, in such a situation, the batsmen used to sense their balls after some time.

So he decided to increase the speed of his balls and worked very hard on it. Due to this and some other reasons, he got injured many times and had to be out of the team.

Would have been in the army if there were no cricketers
Asked what profession he would have been associated with if not in cricket, Bhuvneshwar said that he would have been in the army. According to him, his father was in the police and many family members are also in the army, so when he was very young, he used to think of joining the army.

But when the trend towards cricket increased, then only he remained with him. Who is his godfather in cricket, who went ahead and encouraged him
In response to this question, he says that every person associated with cricket encouraged him in his bad times and all the people who knew him said that bad times will pass, keep courage.

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