Ambedkar Nagar: This family has got more than 1000 daughters married, now this is the goal

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Newz Fast, New Delhi Most people now have an atmosphere of happiness when a daughter is born in the house. On the other hand, people call daughters by the name of Lakshmi and some by the name of Khushi. In today's time girls are achieving new dimensions.

At the same time, there is a family which has been engaged in stopping the atrocities on daughters for almost 20 years. The special thing is that till now the family has got more than 1000 girls married.

Regarding which this family told that they are giving a message to those who consider daughters as a burden and get them killed in the womb itself. At the same time, they are also engaged in making people aware.

Get these daughters married

Family member Dharamveer Bagga has informed that poor daughters who cannot get married because of money. For that reason they have started an initiative. In which he works to get the daughters of the poor married. He marries the daughters of poor people considering them as his own sisters and daughters.

This institution is getting married

Dharamveer Singh Bagga, a businessman and social worker of Ambedkar Nagar district, had established an organization named Sevahi Dharma. Which is engaged in the service of people for almost 20 years. This institution has married more than 1000 girls at personal expense. In which there are people of different castes and their every custom is fulfilled.

25 married in this year

While doing a commendable work, this organization has got 25 daughters married so far this year. In this, let us tell you that some daughters do not have a father and some are orphans, due to which they were unable to bear the expenses of marriage. Now after getting them married, they have been sent to another home.

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