How did Sara Ali Khan become fit? Weight loss journey of this actress will inspire


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan is no less than an inspiration for those who are thinking of losing weight. She had lost a lot of weight in her desire to become an actress. He had devoted his whole life for this.

When she was in the second year of graduation at Columbia University in America, she decided to step into acting. He told this wish to his mother Amrita Singh. At that time Sara was 96 kg, in such a situation, her mother advised her to lose weight.

When Sara decided to become an actress

Sara Ali Khan said in a program called 'We the Women' about 3 years ago, I was a fat girl, I still have PCOD disease. I was crying sitting on the bed, and was saying that mother what I want to become is an actor, then they asked me to lose weight, it took me almost a year to lose weight.'

Weight reduced up to 40 kg

Sara Ali Khan told that she has been a bubbly and a foodie. When she went to America for her studies, her weight had increased a bit. This actress lost 40 kilos in a year and a half.

During his weight loss journey, he gave up junk food completely and started working out. Since she was young, her body responded quickly and she lost weight quickly.

What did Sara say on body shaming?

Sara Ali Khan also spoke openly about body shaming, she said, 'The agenda goes on regarding the perfect body image, who will decide what is perfect. I mean, if you want to be a little bigger than the neighbor's wife, then go for it, just be healthy.

pressure to look fit

Sara said that there is pressure to look a certain way on social media, 'I have grown up with this confidence that it doesn't matter how you look.

What is PCOD disease?

Sara Ali Khan has a disease called Polycystic Ovary Disease, which is called PCOD in short form. This is a common problem of female which occurs due to imbalance of hormones. Due to this, the level of androgen increases in the body of the woman suffering from this and cysts start forming on the ovaries. In such a situation, the weight of the female also increases rapidly.

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