Dry Lips: Lips crack due to these reasons in winter season, get rid of this


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Many people eagerly wait for the winter season because in summer the skin gets damaged due to sun, pollution and hot winds, but in winter season also your skin needs protection.

Especially our lips are the driest in this season and they start cracking. The dryness of the weather is responsible for dry lips, but due to some of our wrong habits, such problems also arise.

How to get beautiful lips like Nora Fatehi?

If the lips become dry and cracked, then it affects the overall beauty of the face, not only women but men's look can also deteriorate due to chapped lips. Apart from this, you start shying away from laughing openly, sometimes blood starts coming out from the torn lips. In such a situation, you should rectify some of your mistakes so that you can get beautiful lips like Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi.

Drink less water

People who drink less water, their lips crack more. Usually we feel the need to drink less water in the winter season, but still it is important to keep the body hydrated because lack of water can cause lips to swell.

Dark lipstick

Women who wear more dark lipstick, their lips crack more, if you apply poor quality lip balm on your lips, then it causes more chapped lips, so try to apply natural oil on the lips, this will give inner nutrition to the lips.

Lip licking

When the lips start drying in winter, some people lick it with their tongue and soak it. This leads to loss instead of profit. Actually, there are some enzymes in the saliva which dry the lips.

Not eating healthy

People who reduce the intake of healthy food like fresh fruits and vegetables, their skin is more dry. That's why you should drink more and more fruit and vegetable juices because this will give internal nutrition to the body and lips will not crack.

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