Last Wish Before Death Penalty: Why is the last wish asked before hanging? Only these three wishes are fulfilled

Hang wishehes

Newz Fast, New Delhi Last Wish Before Death Penalty: Often you must have seen that when someone is sentenced to death, then after that he is also asked his last wish.

Have you ever wondered why this is done? At the same time, the special thing in this is that no prisoner ever expresses his desire to forgive his sentence. And if he does, will his punishment be deferred? If you do not know all these things, then do not take tension, here we are going to tell you why the prisoner is asked about his last wish before hanging?

this is the reason for asking

Let us tell you that this tradition has been going on for centuries that the last wish of the dead is always asked. Because people believe that if his last wish is not fulfilled then his soul keeps on wandering.

For this reason, any prisoner who is sentenced to death is always asked for his last wish.

There is no provision in jail

For your information, let us tell you that there is no provision in the jail manual to ask the last wish from the prisoner. Because it stands to reason that the prisoner can also ask for his release. Talking to the media, Sunil Gupta, who was a law officer in Delhi jail, said that no such provision has been given in the jail manual. But our tradition is going on, due to which the last wish of the prisoners is asked.

These 3 things are done

Let us tell you that when the prisoner is asked for the last time in the jail, the wish is sought only within a limited range. Whereas in jail only three wishes are fulfilled. So let us tell you what are these three wishes…

1. Before hanging, if a prisoner says that he wants to taste his favorite food, then the jail administration happily fulfills his wish.

2. On number two, if the prisoner wants to meet his family members, then the jail administration gives him exemption and introduces him to his family members.

3. If the prisoner says that he wants to read a book at the last moment, that too is given to him.

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