Kiss Day: If you kiss in these countries including India, then you can be jailed

Kiss Day

Newz Fast, New Delhi Valentine Week: At this time in the month of February, Valentine Week is going on. It is being celebrated in many countries at this time. In some countries, if we look at the law, it is so strict that if someone is seen kissing someone in the open, then he may have to go to jail.

The special thing in this is that the name of India has also been included in this list. If you talk about the law in India, you can be put in jail under section 294. If someone is found doing a dirty act in the open, then the legal screws can be tightened on him. Today we are going to tell you about some countries where kissing is strictly prohibited.

This law is in Gulf countries

Let us tell you that in countries like Gulf, if you make a relationship or kiss before marriage, then separate provisions have been made in the law regarding this. During this time, if someone is found doing any act, then the police can catch him and impose a fine. There you can also be sent to jail.

This law is in India

If someone is found kissing in a public place, he is jailed under section 294. After which he can also be fined.

Kissing at this place is a crime

If we talk about the countries with Muslim population, then in Indonesia, the law is followed very strictly on this. In this country, if someone is found kissing in a public place, he can be jailed and fined. The situation is the same in Japan too, if someone is found kissing, action is taken against him.

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