Yellow Mustard Remedy: These wondrous tricks of yellow mustard open the luck, make the poor also rich

peeli sarso

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Yellow mustard is used in the kitchen of every Indian household. But do you know that yellow mustard is considered very important in astrology and Vastu Shastra.

In the scriptures, the remedies or tricks of yellow mustard bring a lot of money by opening the way for progress. Let us know how the yellow mustard tricks are beneficial.

Yellow mustard cake

Remedies to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi: Take a bath in the morning and then burn some yellow mustard seeds on cow dung cake while worshiping. Show this smoke all over the house. Maa Lakshmi will always reside in your house.

Remedy to overcome financial problems: Tie a handful of yellow mustard seeds in a yellow cloth and offer it to Maa Banglamukhi. This will solve the financial problems.

Remedy to recover from financial loss: Remove some yellow mustard seeds from the head of the household and throw them out of the house. By doing this, the problem related to money starts ending gradually.

Remedy to become rich: Burn some yellow mustard seeds and camphor in a silver or ordinary metal bowl. Do this work daily, Goddess Lakshmi will bless you. The inflow of money will increase.

Remedy to remove eye defect: To remove eye defect, sprinkle some yellow mustard seeds in the rooms of the house and sprinkle the remaining grains around the house. There will be positive communication in the house.

Remedy to increase wealth: On Thursday, tie some yellow mustard seeds and camphor in a yellow cloth and hang it on the main door. This trick is very helpful in getting rid of financial crisis.

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