What is such a thing that does not get wet even after falling in water? Got this answer

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Interview has a special significance in UPAAC. In this, such questions are asked which require a lot of thought to answer. Quite surprising questions are asked in this.

When u go to the interview, he is asked such tricky questions that his mind wanders. Actually those questions are quite easy but the candidate loses his sweat in understanding them immediately. That's why we have come up with some questions to help you with this. These questions will be useful to increase the confidence of the students preparing for competitive exams-

Question. How many times can you subtract eight from eighty?
Answer: Once, because for the second time 8 has to be subtracted from 72!

Question. What would you do if you were on the roof of the house and removed a ladder from below?
Answer: Case will be registered under Wrongful Consignment.

Question: If Akbar used to go to Jama Masjid to offer Namaz through the east door, then through which door did he leave? Jama Masjid has four doors.
Answer: There was no Jama Masjid in Akbar's time.

Question: What do roses, lilies and lotus have in common?
Answer: All three are flowers.

Question. Which movie has 71 songs?
Answer: 'Indra Sabha' made in 1932 made a record in terms of songs. There were 71 songs in this film. So many songs have never appeared in any other film till date.

Question: What is that thing that does not get wet even after falling in water?
Answer: Shadow

Question. What is something that has no shadow?
answer. street

Question: The world's largest crossroads?
Answer: Red Square (Moscow)

IAS Interview Questions. Which part of the human body can generate electricity?
Answer: Brain can produce 12 to 15 watts of electricity

Question: Which two numbers multiplied together will result in five?
Answer: Five and one

Question: What is that thing that does not get wet even after falling in water?
Answer: Shadow

Question: What is it that comes once a year, but twice in a Sunday?
Answer: 'V' letter

interview question. Seeing a woman, Amit said, She is the sister of my wife's husband? How is that lady related to Amit?
answer. Sister

Question: If it takes 10 minutes to boil one egg, how long will it take to boil four eggs?
Answer: It will only take 10 minutes!

Question. Whose blood do mosquitoes drink the most?
answer. According to a research, mosquitoes bite more people of O blood group.

Question: What do Japanese people do with the banana peel after eating it?
Answer: Throw it!

Question. Seeing the girl, the man said that her mother's father is my father-in-law?
answer. Daughter

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