Was unemployed till now from Corona era, getting Diwali gift after two years

diwali light

Newz Fast, New Delhi: This Diwali, artisans associated with dyeing and painting are getting the gift of work. The two years of Corona's dyeing-painting artisans were almost unemployed. This time their demand has increased.

Apart from homes, dyeing is going on in shops, hotels and resorts. The work of the artisans increased. Good rains in this monsoon also increased the demand for painting and painting of houses.

In the Deepawali season, there is a huge demand for dyeing workers in the city as well as in the rural areas. According to an estimate, three thousand artisans are engaged in this work.

His salary has also increased. Workers engaged in construction works also got involved in dyeing and painting work in view of the increasing demand. Hands carrying stones and cement-gravel held up brushes.

Here, an increase of up to 20 percent is being seen in the prices of oil paints. According to the information received, more than one painter is working together in hotel-resorts. Orders have also been received to make paintings in homes.

Rain increased work

This time in the Diwali season, painters and workers are getting good work in homes and commercial establishments. Due to the rain, everyone is engaged in painting and painting the houses. The colors of houses and shops got spoiled due to rain.

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