WATCH: Sachin Tendulkar was seen enjoying tea by stopping the car in the middle of the journey, the son gave such a reaction, Video Viral

sachin tendulkar

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Sachin Tendulkar, who is called the God of Cricket, is very active on social media. Sachin Tendulkar keeps his point in front of his fans and also keeps sharing videos and photos.

Recently, he shared a video of himself in which he is seen stopping the car in the middle of the journey and enjoying tea, along with Sachin his son Arjun Tendulkar is also present.

Sachin also asked Arjun

In the video of Sachin Tendulkar going viral on social media, it is seen that Sachin goes to a tea shop.

​​​​​From there they take a cup of tea and while enjoying the juice together, pointing towards Arjun present in the car and asking him also Arjun blushes and puts his face behind the glass of the car.

Chaiwala is lucky

Sachin Tendulkar's caption shows that he is going from Mumbai to Goa, meanwhile stopping the car and enjoying tea, this video of Sachin Tendulkar has so far garnered more than 900000 likes and 5000 comments.

Many people commented and wrote that the chai wala is very lucky that he met God, Sachin is rightly called the God of Cricket.

Also met the school going girl

During this, Sachin also met a school going daughter. In this video of him, it is seen that he is meeting a girl wearing a school dress and hanging a bag on his shoulders. He pats her on the back too. Along with the girl, her parents are also seen.

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