Vastu Tips: These things kept in the house do not allow progress, remove them immediately, otherwise...


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Everything kept in the house has auspicious and inauspicious effects. These things determine the atmosphere of your home. According to Vastu, some things in the house bring positive and some bring negative energy.

Keeping things with positive energy brings happiness and prosperity in the house, whereas things with negative energy only cause harm. Let's know about those things keeping which can bring pauperism in the house.

Old newspapers- In most of the houses, old newspapers are collected as waste. People use these waste in their own ways. According to Vastu, a pile of junk brings problems in the house. Due to accumulation of dust and soil in old newspapers and keeping them in a moist place, there is a fear of insects and worms to flourish. In one way or another, it creates negative energy in the house.

If you also have the habit of collecting old newspapers at home, then change it as soon as possible. Negative energy of the house causes discord in the family, hinders progress and the members of the house have to suffer financial loss. That's why keep removing the newspaper waste from time to time.

Old worn out locks- Old worn out locks should not be kept in the house. It is considered very inauspicious in Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu, a well-moving lock signifies luck while a closed or bad lock brings misfortune to the house.

Those locks which are bad and you do not use them, they should be removed from the house immediately. It is believed that closed locks bring obstacles in the career and close the way of progress. That's why don't keep bad old lock in the house.

Old-torn clothes- According to Vastu Shastra, clothes are directly related to luck. Unused or torn clothes always bring bad luck in the house. It is better to remove or distribute such clothes otherwise luck will stop favoring you. According to Vastu, worn-out clothes create hurdles in career time and again.

Closed clocks - The needles of the clock take you forward in life. On the other hand, stopped clocks tell about obstacles and obstacles in life. According to Vastu, by keeping closed clocks in the house, luck also stops at one place and bad times do not end soon.

If you have an old broken clock lying in your house, then remove it immediately. It is believed that stopped clocks do not allow good times to come and create obstacles in the happiness and prosperity of life.

Bad shoes-slippers- In Vastu Shastra, shoes-slippers are considered to be related to struggle. If you want to reduce the struggle in life, then keep shoes and slippers right. Keeping old, torn or worn shoes and slippers in the house can increase the conflict further. Due to this, a lot of hard work will have to be done in every small work.

If there are old or torn shoes and slippers in the house, then throw them out of the house. Remove such shoes and slippers on Saturday. This reduces the inauspicious condition of Shani. Even if you have less number of shoes and slippers, but they should be in perfect condition.

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