Two new varieties of wheat will make farmers rich, the crop will not ripen prematurely even in high heat

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Most of the wheat crop is sown in Rabi season. In such a situation, farmers have started making preparations for sowing wheat.

The question arises in the minds of the farmers regarding the varieties of wheat. Today we are going to tell the farmers about the new varieties of wheat, which have been able to get good yields by cultivating them.

Know in detail about the new varieties of wheat 1634 and 1636

Developed in Madhya Pradesh

Both these new varieties of wheat have been developed in Madhya Pradesh. In the first year, research was done in Indore research and in the next two years it was researched by planting plots at Narmadapuram, Jabalpur and Sagar research centers including Indore.

In this research, it was found that both these wheat varieties do not ripen prematurely even in high temperatures.

Let us inform that after three years of research at Narmadapuram, Indore, Jabalpur and Sagar Research Centers, certified seeds of new varieties of wheat 1634 and 1636 will be available in the market in this Rabi season.

Let us inform that the wheat crop of 1634 is ready in 110 days and in 1636 it is ready in 115 days.

These two new varieties of wheat will not ripen ahead of time

Not ripening prematurely means that it will not reduce the yield. As it has been seen many times in the last year or so that the temperature goes to the highest level in the months of February and March.

Due to which the wheat crop gets burnt standing in the fields, that is, it gets ripened before time and gets ruined.

Due to this the yield is reduced or the quality of wheat i.e. its grains do not come out as correctly as they should have been. In such a situation, there is a claim of not premature ripening of these two new varieties of wheat.

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