Traffic rules: Drivers should be careful, your challan can be cut at any time, do this work quickly

trafic rule

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Speaking at a program recently, Union Minister Gadkari said that the government is working on a new law for on-discipline while driving on the highway. It can be implemented in India soon.

Gadkari said, “All over the world trucks and buses ply on only one lane, but this is not the case in India. It is largely ignored here. I have asked my team to work out a policy that makes it mandatory that these commercial vehicles ply in only one lane.

Government can increase the speed limit

Gadkari said that while road infrastructure and vehicles have improved, the current speed limit at some places is also comparatively low. How will vehicle users be able to travel between the ambitious Delhi-Jaipur highway in less than 2 hours with the current speed limit? In response to this question, he said that the government is considering increasing it.

Speed limit will increase on these highways

The Union Minister said, “On such highways where there is no intersection in the middle and vehicles are moving in the same direction, we can increase the maximum speed of vehicles up to 140 km per hour.

I have discussed about the express highway with the concerned ministers of such states. Yes, there will be some lanes where the speed limit will be 120 kmph. In cities it can be between 60-80 kmph. We have made new good roads and the speed limit is old.

Need to promote flex fuel in the country

Earlier, the Union Minister had said that there is a need to promote flex fuel and e-vehicles in the country to deal with the fluctuations in the price of crude oil in the international market. A mixture of petrol and ethanol or methanol is used as fuel in such vehicles.

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