This variety of mustard will be ready in just 100 days, will make farmers rich

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Rabi season has started, at this time farmers sow maximum wheat and mustard crops, in such a situation, the biggest problem in front of the farmers is that which variety should they cultivate, which will yield good yield and fat. Profits can be earned.

Today we will tell you about such a variety of mustard which will be ready in just 100 days and will make the farmer rich with good yield.

In this episode, today we are giving you information about such a variety of mustard, which is ready in less time and its yield is also good. According to media reports, Sarson Ki Pusa Sarson-28 is one such variety which matures in just 100 days and oil content can also be obtained in it.

What is the specialty of Pusa Mustard-28

This mustard variety matures in 105-110 days.
From this variety about 1750 to 1990 kg production can be obtained.

This variety has been developed for states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir.
The oil content of this variety is found to be 21.5 percent.

What will be the benefit to the farmers by sowing of this variety

By sowing this variety of mustard, farmers will get more production in less time. The amount of oil in it is also better in this variety than other varieties.

The special thing is that this variety is ready to ripen in less time, due to which the farmers get time to prepare for the next crop.

According to agricultural experts, the best time for sowing mustard is between October 5 and 25. Sowing of mustard at this time gives good production, so farmers should sow mustard by October 25.

For sowing mustard, farmers should use 1 kg of seed in one acre of field.
Mustard should be sown in a row so that weeding is easy.
Mustard should be sown by indigenous plow or sarita or seed drill.

In this row to row distance is 30 cm. And the distance from plant to plant is 10-12 cm. should have

While sowing mustard seeds, keep in mind that the seed should be kept 2-3 cm apart. It should not be sown deeper than this because sowing at a higher depth has an adverse effect on the germination of the seed.

At the time of sowing mustard, it is good to use 100 kg single superphosphate, 35 kg urea and 25 kg murate of potash in the field.

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