This special electric bike has been launched in the market, know special features, can travel 150 km on full charge

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Let us tell you that recently HOP Electric Mobility has launched an electric bike HOP OXO in the market.

There are many special things in this bike. This bike has been launched with a special look. The company has priced this bike at Rs 1,24,999. Along with this, this bike also has many features.

Along with this, the company has launched this bike with a special look. Let's know about this bike

Know about the variants
Along with this, let us tell you that this electric bike is available in two variants. Which is as follows- OXO and OXO X are included.
About Modes.

The special thing is that this electric scooter is in 4 modes. Which are as follows – Eco, Power, Sports and Turbo are included. But let us tell you that these 4 modes are available only in OXO X variant, not in any other.

Along with this, only three riding modes are available in the OXO variant. Turbo mode is not available in OXO variant. The special thing is that there is a big difference in speed and range in each mode.

Modes   OXO   OXO X
ECO   150 KM 150 KM
Power   100 Kilometers 100 Kilometers
Sports   70 KM   70 KM

Modes   OXO   OXO X
ECO   45 kmph   45 kmph
Power   65 kmph   65 kmph
Sports   90 kmph   90 kmph
Turbo   -   95 kmph

This is the performance
Along with this, the thing to be seen is that if seen in both this OXO and OXO X variants, then a motor of 3 Kw is installed.
Along with this, the motor installed in the OXO variant generates peak performance of 5.2 KW and peak torque of 185 Nm on the tyre.

On the other hand, the motor installed in its OXO X variant generates peak performance of 6.3 KW and peak torque of 200 Nm on the tyre. Its motor is IP67 certified, which is not affected by water.

Battery Characteristic
Let us know that an IP67 certified battery of 3.75 Kwh has also been installed for power in this electronic scooter. The special thing is that there is no effect of water and dust on its battery.

Know Dimensions
Talking about the dimensions of this bike, its length is 2100 mm, width is 793 mm and height is 1065 mm. Along with this, its ground clearance is 180 mm. At the same time, its seat height is 780 mm.

Know charging time
The special thing about this scooter is that it gets a normal charger easily in 4 hours. But it can easily travel up to 150 km on a full charge in 5 hours. It is also less expensive.

Know Top Speed
Talking about its speed, it can travel at 90 kilometers per hour.

About acceleration
Along with this, the special thing is that Turbo mode is available in its OXO X variant, due to which it can travel at a speed of 0-40 kmph in 4 seconds.

Here is the price
The price of this bike has been kept at Rs 1,24,999 in the market.

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