The woman gave birth to twins, after 8 months it was found that the father of both of them is different

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Many stories go viral on social media every day, about which one is surprised to read, one such case is becoming quite viral on social media, tell that this matter is of children and a mother.

A 19-year-old girl living in Portugal gave birth to two twins, after a DNA test was done, it was found that both have different fathers.

This is the 20th such case in the world. There are separate fairs of two twins, the appearance of the children also resembles each other.

The woman had absolutely no idea that their father could be different. The children were identified after 8 months and are currently about one and a half years old. Was in a relationship with 2 people with two people at once.

This is the reason why this case happened to him. She herself was surprised to see the DNA results. The birth certificate still bears the name of the same person after the father of the children and he also helps in taking care of them.

The 20th worldwide case of heteroparental superfecundation. According to Portugal's news outlet G1, such a pregnancy occurs when two eggs of the mother are fertilized by the sperm of two different men. Their genetic material is that of the mother but the placenta is different.

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