The bride started crying as soon as she sat in the pavilion, then the groom did such a thing, became the apple of everyone's eyes

Wedding Video: The groom did this work on the first night of the wedding, did it with the bride...

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Wedding day is very special for every girl. So whenever she gets married she becomes emotional. If the partner is of the girl's choice, then her happiness gets four moons. This is the reason why many people cry in their marriage.

The bride suddenly started crying at the wedding, the groom handled it like this

A video of a bride is becoming very viral on social media these days. In this video, it can be seen that the bride is sitting in the mandap with her groom. Panditji is getting the rituals done.

Then suddenly tears started flowing from the eyes of the bride. She is so happy with this happiness that she becomes emotional. The groom also gets emotional seeing the bride crying.

Seeing his new bride's eyes moist, the groom does such a thing that everyone present there becomes happy seeing him. The groom becomes a hero in the eyes of all.

In fact, the bride takes out the handkerchief from her pocket and starts wiping the tears of the bride herself. This scene becomes romantic and cute only after.

This video of few seconds also makes people emotional. This was shared on Instagram by a page named bridal_lehenga_designn. People are not tired of praising the groom after watching the video.

It is being said that the bride is very lucky that she has got such a caring husband. At the same time, some people even remembered their wedding day after seeing this sight.

The groom started crying in this marriage

Another similar case came to the fore some time back. Here instead of the bride, the groom started crying emotionally. People always think that only women are emotional. but it's not like that. Sometimes men also get emotional.

In this viral video, it can be seen how the groom's eyes become moist after seeing his bride in front. He is very happy with this moment. Seeing her groom crying, the bride comes to him and takes care of him. You can watch this cute video here.

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