Take advantage of all the facilities related to Aadhaar easily through UMANG App, just have to do this work

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: You can also generate Virtual ID. Along with this, you can also see payment and refund history on UMANG app.

You can avail many government services using UMANG launched by the government. Central, state and local services have been included in this.

You also get services related to Aadhaar on the UMANG app itself. It is one of the few services that were added later. Digital India has recently said in a tweet that the services of Aadhaar have been expanded on UMANG App.

Now you can download Aadhaar through UMANG app. Apart from this, you can also generate Virtual ID. Along with this, you can also see payment and refund history on UMANG app.

Aadhaar linked services on UMANG App
You can download the digital copy of Aadhaar from UMANG App. It is digitally signed and is password protected. If you do not want to give your Aadhaar number to anyone, then you can give your virtual ID.

You can also generate this 16 digit virtual IT through UMANG app. Also, you can download eKYC documents on the app which can be used to authenticate your identity offline.

On the UMANG app itself, you can use your Aadhaar number to find out where it has been used for verification. You can also lock and unlock biometrics with the UMANG app itself.

How to use aadhaar service
For this, you have to first download the UMANG app on the phone. After this, you log in to the app and select the option 'My Aadhaar' and link your Aadhaar. To link Aadhaar, you have to click on Aadhaar Number, Captcha Code and Send OTP.

After this you will get an OTP. Enter it and click on save. Once Aadhaar is linked, you can avail all the related services on the UMANG app.

What is umang app
UMANG is a multi-functional app launched by the central government. Through this, you can take advantage of many more government services like Income Tax, EPFO, Gas Cylinder, Passport and Aadhaar.

This app has been developed by National e-Governance Division and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. You can take advantage of a total of 127 departments and all government facilities on the UMANG app.

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