Success Story: This young man quit his job and started farming, now earning lakhs of rupees every month


Newz Fast, New Delhi: It is said that those who sweat write history. Today we will tell you about such a young man who has made a different identity in agriculture with his dedication and hard work. He hails from Begusarai Singhaul in Bihar. His name is Kunal Kumar Jha.

Earlier, after studying IT technical, he used to do a job of Rs 18,000 in a private company. But he was more interested in doing farming than job.

That's why he thought it better to leave his job and do farming. At present, Kunal is earning 2.5 to 3 lakh rupees annually from farming.

Cultivation in 10 by 10 square feet

Young farmer Kunal left the job and started pearl farming. Kunal started farming from his own home.

He cultivates pearls inside his house in a modern way in a 10 by 10 square feet tank. This method of his is being known among the people in a strange way in Begusarai.

Kunal produces very beautiful pearls containing the artwork of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and other Gods in his own house.

They say that these pearls become round in shape due to the sand particles inside the oysters in the sea. After this it can be easily molded according to the artwork of any god. By this method pearls would be ready in 10 months. Huh.

Other farmers also take advantage

Other farmer brothers can also get benefits by adopting this unique method of Kunal. If you are doing pearl farming for the first time, then its cost will cost up to 1 lakh rupees. Which you will get pearls up to about 3 lakh rupees.

To prepare the pearl, you have to hang the oyster inside the water tank by making a mesh bag in the tank and then take care of it continuously. So that he can be well prepared.

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