Success Story: Started business by lying to parents, today this girl is the owner of so many crores


Newz Fast, New Delhi: It is said that if you are determined to get something, then you take breath by completing it. Today we are going to tell you about one such girl.

Who started the business hiding from the family members and now the whole world is accepting the iron of this girl's hard work.

The story of a girl named Jane Lu from Australia can be a source of inspiration for anyone. Lu, who belonged to a very simple family, achieved such splendid success that the whole world recognized him as iron.

Lu's parents immigrated from China to Australia. His early days were spent in struggle and he also worked as a sweeper in Sydney.

Like everyone else, Lou's parents also wanted a secure future for their daughter. Jane's parents wanted Lu to do a good job in a company. They wanted Lu to become an accountant.

However, Lou's dreams were bigger. She did not want to be confined to a job only. It was her dream to do something big in the field of business but she did not want to hurt her parents. To solve this problem, Lu started the business hiding from his parents.

Jane was engaged in her business while the parents understood that she was working as an accountant in a famous firm.
Jane would leave home to go to the office but sit in a cafe or library and plan a start-up. Lu hid all this from his parents for almost two years.

Garage clothing store

In 2010-11, he opened a clothing store in his garage. A few months later, Jane moved out and set up the shop in a warehouse. During this time the idea of ​​selling clothes online came in his mind.

After this the company Showpo started. Lu's company started becoming very popular on social media. By 2012, this company had more than 20,000 followers on social media.

Failure in the beginning

Not that Lu got success easily. In an interview, he said, 'There was a loss of few lakh rupees in the first attempt but then he started getting bulk clothes from a mall. After selling these clothes, the mall had to pay.

In the beginning, Jane did all the work of her business herself. These include taking orders on Facebook, from packing clothes to delivery. During this, her boyfriend also supported her.

History of success

Today Lu's business has spread to 120 countries. Showpo is a well known fashion brand in the world. Lou, who left the job of an accountant, has become a mistress of more than 500 crores today. She is also the owner of luxurious houses, luxury vehicles. In 2016, Forbes included Lu's name in the list.

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