Skoda's new electric car is coming to make a splash, will travel 600 km in full charge


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Due to rising fuel prices, the era of electric is going on because it is also quite economical, keeping this in view Skoda has also introduced the electric car Vision 7S concept car. All the advanced features have been given in the car, the company has prepared this car in a new way. The company has introduced the car for the first time in matte body color.

The company has informed that on full charge, the car will travel 600 km. Talking about the battery, 89Kwh battery has been given in the car. The interior of the car has not been made much stronger. The interior of the car is made from durable material.

The Skoda Vision 7S has been made to look very good, the car is being liked a lot by the people. The front end of the concept gets a tech-deck face, which supports a solid underbody and aerodynamic roof lines. The signature Skoda line will be seen at the front of the car.

The headlights of the car are placed at the front, arranged in two rows one above the other. Due to which slight changes have been made to make 'T' in the four-eye light cluster. The rear LED lights of the car have also been arranged in a 'T'. Looking at the electric car, the cabin of the car is quite big.

The interior of the car has been made durable, the company has informed that the floor of the vehicle is made from recycled tyres. The interior trim gets a matte metal coating. The fabric used inside is made from 100% recycled polyester yarn.

The most important feature of the car is the menu structure and infotainment function. The car gets two interior configurations for different conditions, including driving and relaxing, a feature that has been liked a lot in the past as well.

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