Shri Mahakal Lok will remain open from 6 am to 10 pm


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Devotees had darshan of Mahakal Baba after walking one and a half km in Shri Mahakal Lok of Mahakal temple. On the first day, the elderly, differently-abled, children and women could not get the benefit of e-cart facility.

When asked the guard, he said that now the officers have said... don't make anyone sit. The temple administration says, the entry in Shri Mahakal Lok will start from 6 am, will be closed at 10 pm. The lights will start going off after 8.30 pm.

Shri Mahakal Lok, decorated to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi, appeared in its original form on the very second day. For which yellow rice was distributed all over the city, temples were lit, lamps were lit from house to house, fireworks were made, when the devotees reached to see it, they had to walk a long way of one and a half km in the scorching sun. fell.

Many people did not even know where to go after all. Some people were coming inside from the old way of the temple, many people came in through the way of the temple administrative office. Because of this people were forced to wander without any reason.

Take care of them, Baba's darshan will be like this

From the waiting room of the new corridor, the devotees will have a queue through the barricades built behind the Nandi Hall, down the stairs of the Barricading Hall, Zigzeg, Facility Centre, Kartikeya Mandapam, Ganesh Mandapam.

For the exit, the devotees will have to come out of Juna Mahakal, Sapta Rishi temple after visiting other temples in the premises and exit from the exit gate.
After coming out of the exit gate, they have to come to that side of the new corridor, where they had kept shoes, slippers, purse etc., and then go towards the corridor or the big Ganesh temple.

Entry-exit from the gate number 4-5 is operational, but in future everyone will have arrangement for entry and exit from the corridor Mahakal Lok.
If you have gutka, khaini, tobacco, bidi-cigarette etc. in your pocket, then throw it outside, because the guards standing at the gate will get them kept there during the checking.

Know when will you get admission in the corridor

Entry from 6 in the morning and after 8.30 in the night the lights will start turning off. Entry will close at 10 am.
Soon the time table board will be installed here, so that there is no confusion about the time.
Constant announcement, help center, 80 to 90 security guards, 70 housekeeping will always be deployed.

Security will be deployed at the main gate, the Saptarishi, inside for darshan, exit, where there are places for people to stay.
E kart vehicle is not for general public, it is a special service. Divyang will be run for the elderly. Young people have to go on foot. 21 e-carts from Smart City have been received by the Managing Committee, all will start running from Thursday.

At present, receipts of 250 and 1500 will be received from the gate number 4-5 only. For this, you do not have to come here on the corridor side.
In the coming days, advertisements will be broadcast all over the city, information will be posted in public places like bus stands, hotels etc. Soon toll-free numbers will also be issued, so that devotees coming from outside will not face any problem.

25 thousand had darshan on the first day

On the very first day, about 25,000 devotees entered the corridor and had darshan of Baba. The faces of the devotees lit up as soon as they entered, divine statues, murals, open-ended atmosphere appeared in front of their eyes based on the stories mentioned in Shiva Mahapuran.

People roaming freely, sometimes taking selfies, sometimes they were seen scanning bar codes in the curiosity of getting information about the statues. When he was asked about the system of darshan, he said, "No problem, it is also acceptable for Baba Mahakal to walk in the hot sun, he laughed and went ahead."

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