Shani Margi 2022: Margi Shani will wreak havoc on these zodiac signs, definitely know the ways to avoid


Newz Fast, New Delhi: In astrology, the reverse movement of any planet is considered inauspicious. If Saturn has a retrograde motion, then it causes even more havoc. From today 23rd October, Saturn has become directional in its own Capricorn.

Saturn will remain in this position till January 17, 2023. The direct movement of Saturn will also create difficulties for the people of 5 zodiac. Let us know which zodiac signs will have a bad effect on Margi Shani. Also, what are the remedies to avoid the wrath of Shani Dev.

Taurus: Margi Saturn can increase the difficulties in the life of Taurus people. They have to work hard in everything. There will be problems in work. Expenses will increase.

Cancer: The direct movement of Saturn will give many problems in life to the people of Cancer. There may be ups and downs in job-business. Income will decrease and expenses will increase. Keep control of your speech.

Virgo: Margi Saturn will give trouble. There will be disappointment due to not getting the work done. Suddenly there will be obstacles. Take care of health. There may be disputes in the house.

Capricorn: In Capricorn itself, Saturn has become pathetic. Along with this, Shani's half-and-half is also going on on these people. These people may suffer mental and physical problems. Expenses will increase.

Aquarius: The direct movement of Saturn will trouble the people of Aquarius. Take good care of your health. Be careful in your career. Especially do not get involved in the affairs of others at all, otherwise there may be loss.

Remedies of saturn

Those who are suffering due to the direct movement of Saturn or those who are suffering from Shani's half-and-a-half sati-dhaiya, they should take some measures. These remedies of Shani will give relief from many problems of life.

Offer mustard oil in Shani temple on Saturday.
- Cast a shadow. For this, take oil in a bronze bowl and see your face and then donate the oil along with the bowl. You can also come by keeping it in Shani temple.

Light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree on every Saturday.
- Worship Hanuman ji.

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