Ration Card: Important information for ration card holders, ration cards of these people will be cancelled, see list

ration card

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Important news for ration card holders. District Supply Department has canceled more than 20 thousand ration cards. Actually, on the basis of 2011 census in Azamgarh district, 78% people are eligible to hold ration cards.

With this card the eligible get cheap ration. The government has fixed a standard on the basis of which eligibility is decided. But many people were getting ration cards made contrary to the standard, whose cards have been canceled in the investigation.

Know who is eligible for ration card

Tell who is eligible among the ration card holder, who does not have a four wheeler vehicle, does not have more than 5 acres of land, is not in a government job, is not an income tax payer, does not have more than one weapon, etc. that ration card Can be a holder but holding the card at one place.

Talking about Azamgarh, there are a total of 7 lakh 81 thousand 552 card holders in the entire district, out of which total units have been declared as 35 lakh 29 thousand 783. There are two types of ration cards, one Antyodaya and the other eligible household. Under Antyodaya, 10 thousand 573 cards have been issued in the district. At the same time, 6 lakh 75 thousand 769 cards have been made in eligible households.

If the district is divided into urban and rural classification, then 40,758 cards have been made in the urban area. On which the total units are 1 lakh 96 thousand 622. On the other hand, 7 lakh 40 thousand 794 cards have been made on the rural side, on which there are a total of 33 lakh 33 thousand 161 units.

Tell me, the process of checking the people whose cards have been made but they are not eligible, goes on continuously. In this sequence, according to the figures in Azamgarh district, from April 1 to October 31, 2022, a total of 20 thousand 281 people's cards have been cancelled. During this, from April 1 to October 31, new cards have also been made for 11 thousand 667 people.

One of the major reasons for the cancellation of the card is that those who have not taken ration for 3 months, a notice is sent to them from the District Supply Office that what is the reason that they are not taking the ration, what is the problem. If there is any problem in taking ration, then the District Supply Office solves this problem. If there is no problem and the person has become ineligible, then his card is cancelled.

The District Supply Office takes care that no eligible card is left out and no ineligible card is made. This is the reason why some cards are canceled every month and some new cards are made.

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