Railway sent notice to Hanuman ji, it is written in it - 'Empty the temple in 10 days or else there will be legal action'

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Illegal occupation of government land is common. By encroaching on the land of departments including railway, postal department, municipal corporation, people make their homes and shops etc.

From time to time, to remove such illegal encroachments, the concerned department initiates encroachment removal campaigns. In which first notice is sent to the encroacher. Later, when the encroachment is not removed even after the notice, then along with legal action, bulldozers also run.

You all will also be aware of this process of encroachment removal. But now such an interesting case has come to the fore regarding the removal of encroachment, knowing that you will also be surprised. Actually the railway has sent a notice to Hanuman ji.

In this notice it was said that vacate the temple in 10 days, otherwise legal action will be taken. Now this notice sent by the Railways is going viral on social media. People are saying that how can anyone send a notice to Hanuman ji.

The case of Dhanbad in Jharkhand, it is written in the notice

This case of negligence of railway officials has come to light from Dhanbad district of Jharkhand. Here the East Central Railway has pasted this notice outside the Hanuman temple.
The notice is in the name of Hanuman ji and it is written that your temple is on railway land. There has been illegal occupation. Remove the temple and vacate the land within 10 days of receiving the notice. Otherwise legal action will be taken against you.

Notice to 300 people of Basti along with Hanuman ji

Actually there is a mohalla named Khatik Basti in the Bakarbandh area of ​​Dhanbad. Railways says that many houses and shops of this locality are built on railway land. In this, Hanuman temple located at Khatik Basti is also included. Railway has sent this notice to around 300 people along with Hanuman temple.

Here the people of Khatik Basti say that they have been living on railway land for 20 years. All make their living by selling fruits, vegetables, fish etc. They do not have any other land. If we remove the house from here, then our house will be destroyed.

Notice to Hanuman ji, railway officer told human error

Here the railway official has called Hanuman ji to be given a railway notice as a human error. Senior Section Engineer Dhanbad Railway Division SK Chaudhary said that this is a human error.

The name of Hanuman ji has been written by mistake in the notice. It will be improved. And care will also be taken that such mistake should not happen in future. Our intention is not to hurt anyone's sentiments.

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