Photoshoot: Do you know the reality of this girl selling flowers, the truth is just the opposite

flower girl

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Many such things often go viral on social media, which also surprises and confuses people.

One such Instagram reels has become a topic of discussion these days, in which a girl is seen roaming the streets selling flowers. Although its truth is something else, knowing about which you will also be stunned.

In the pictures you can see that the color of the skin of the girl is black, but the reality is just the opposite. Actually this girl is a social media influencer, whose name is Ansha Mohan.

Actually, Ansha Mohan had done a photoshoot by darkening her skin color and selling flowers on the streets. He did this photoshoot in the month of August, which is still becoming very viral on social media.

Even though Ansha Mohan's skin color is black in the photoshoot, but still she looks very beautiful and she is beautiful in real life. In the pictures you can see how beautiful she looks in real life.

Ansha Mohan has a huge fan following on Instagram. She has more than three lakh followers and almost every video of her gets millions of views, while pictures also get thousands of likes.

Fans have already seen Ansha Mohan in fancy and shiny clothes and this new photoshoot of her is also being liked by the people. People are giving different reactions.

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