Passion to help poor children made Simmi Karan IPS, did not let her courage break till she got her destination


Newz Fast, Viral Desk: There are no ups and downs in everyone's life, but many people give their lives to change the life of others. Such people try to change the lifestyle of the society, not their life, so that some positive changes can be seen in the society. Such is the story of IPS Simmi Karan. Let's know what they...

You must have heard the success story of many candidates from different cities of the country. Those who have achieved their goal by clearing the UPSC exam.

The success story that we are going to tell you today is completely different, because this story is about a girl who got B.Tech degree.

Who has brought laurels to his city across the country by getting success in the UPSC exam. Next, we give you complete information about this promising girl from Orissa so that you too can be encouraged by knowing the success story of this daughter.

Achieved in the year 2019, success in Civil Service Exam

The name of Orissa's daughter we are talking about is Simi karan, she is originally from Orissa. He has done his education up to class 12th by staying in Chhattisgarh.

Simi karan was very smart in studies since childhood, that is why she was always in the forefront. His father used to work in the Bhilai Steel Plant located in Chhattisgarh while his mother was a teacher in the school.

That is why she often took lessons from seeing her mother to move forward.

Ananya Singh of Prayagraj became an IAS officer in her very first attempt
Simi karan had secured All India Rank 31 in the UPSC exam in the year 2019, after which she has become an IAS officer.

Simi karan tells that the journey from her schooling to becoming an IAS officer has been very difficult, but she never deviated from her goal and continued to move towards her goal. Today the result of that is that Simi karan is an IAS officer.

Taught poor children while doing B.Tech from IIT Bombay
Simi karan completed her studies till 12th, after that on the basis of her hard work, she got admission in IIT Bombay. It was here that he started his studies.

When Simmi Karan was doing B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay, whenever she got time, she used to go here to teach children in the slum.

When Simi karan used to go to teach children, it was very sad to see the condition of the children. We all know that poor children have a lot of trouble in studying.

Because even the parents of poor children do not have enough income to educate their children well. Therefore, seeing those children, Simi Karan used to get very upset, so she thought of doing something big for these children.

Seeing the poor condition of these children, she decided that she would help these children as well as other children by becoming a big officer in her life, that is why she made up her mind to go to the Civil Services.

Study the UPSC Exam Syllabus by dividing it into small parts
Simi karan tells that when she saw in her mind that she had to become an IAS officer and help the poor people of all the poor children, she initially had a lot of trouble in preparing for the UPSC Exam Syllabus.

When Simi karan decided to clear the UPSC exam, she initially took the help of internet as well. She often used to watch UPSEE Topper's interview carefully on the internet because she got to learn a lot from that interview.

Gradually, Simi karan read the UPSE Exam Syllabus very carefully on the Internet. Then according to that he collected all the books one by one.

Simi karan tells that she started preparing with only limited books. Because by reading more books on the same subject, the attention also gets distracted and then it is not possible to study well.

Similarly, Simi Arora started her preparation with the necessary books. Then the entire syllabus was divided into small parts so that they could prepare well for the UPSC exam.

It is only the result of this that the candidates who focus towards their goal and adopt better strategy only then they are able to clear the UPSC exam.

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