PM Kisan: Due to this mistake, 4 crore farmers did not get the money for the 12th installment, check whether your name is in the list

PM Kisan Yojana: 12th installment will come in the accounts of farmers, you will get so much money

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has released the 12th installment of PM Kisan for crores of farmers. Under PM Kisan Yojana, farmers are given an amount of 6 thousand rupees annually.

This installment of Rs 2 thousand is transferred to the account of the farmers. On Monday, PM Modi transferred the money of the 12th installment to the accounts of farmers. He said that now Rs 2 lakh crore has been transferred to the farmers' account under this scheme.

21 thousand crores transferred in the 11th installment

Let us tell you that the government had made e-KYC (e-KYC) necessary to prevent any kind of fraud in PM Kisan Nidhi (PM Kisan). But due to not getting e-KYC done on time, money was not transferred to the accounts of crores of farmers.

According to one figure, the installment of 2000 rupees was not sent to the account of about 2.5 crore farmers. In fact, as the 11th installment, an amount of more than 21 thousand crores was transferred by the government to the farmers' accounts.

An amount of 16 thousand crores has been released

But on September 17, an amount of 16 thousand crores was released as the 12th installment. That is, 5 thousand crore rupees less were transferred in the 12th installment than the 11th installment.

This simply means that this time the installment was not sent to the accounts of 2.50 crore farmers. Let us tell you that there is a registration of more than 12 crore farmers on the official portal of PM Kisan and 16 thousand crores means that only eight crore farmers have got the money.

It directly means that four crore farmers have not got the installment money this time. Let us tell you that according to the fixed provisions of PM Kisan Yojana, physical verification of 5% of the beneficiaries is done every year.

The 11th installment, to be released from April to July, has been transferred to the accounts of a total of 11.26 crore farmers so far.

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