Only clean shaven groom will get married, villagers issued decree


Newz Fast, New Delhi: If you are also fond of having a beard, then definitely read this news because a decree has been issued for bearded people in Pali district of Rajasthan.

In marriage, it has been said about the groom's beard, if someone comes to marry with a beard, then he will not be allowed to get married. This strange-poor decree has been done by the Kumawat society living in Pali district of Rajasthan.

Passing a resolution in the meeting of his society, he said that if the groom is not clean shaven then he will not be able to get married.

Representatives of 19 villages of Kumawat society passed a resolution related to this rule in a meeting. According to them, it will be mandatory for the groom to have a clean shave at the wedding in any family.

The people of the society also have their own logic regarding the no entry and clean shave of the bearded groom. They say that we have no problem with fashion during marriage.

The people of Kumawat society argued about the groom's clean shave that marriage is a sacrament and the groom is seen as the king in it. They said that grooms perform rituals by growing beards in many ways, which is indecent for the society.

It is also a special thing that the people of the society have said in this proposal that if a groom does not obey this new rules during the marriage, then he will be punished. As a punishment, he can be expelled from the society. The groom who came with a beard will not be allowed to get married.

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