Now your electric car-scooter will be charged in just 10 minutes, here is the method of superfast charging

Charge Electric Vehicle Battery

Newz Fast, New Delhi: One solution is to create a charging protocol in a way that optimizes its speed to charge different types of batteries.

While buying any electric two wheeler or four wheeler, the first thing customers know about its range and charging time.

But what if your electric vehicle starts getting full charge in just 10 minutes. Now this is going to be possible. According to the report of IANS, to charge different types of electric vehicle batteries in 10 minutes or less

A team of American researchers has designed the superfast charging method. The special thing is that in this method there will be no damage to the battery.

Charging the lithium-ion batteries that power electric vehicles is a delicate task. One solution is to design the charging protocol in such a way that it can optimize its speed to charge different types of batteries.

A US-based research team has talked about creating a unique charging protocol with the help of charging data using machine learning technology.

Eric Dufayk, in-charge of the research team, said, "Fast charging is a way through which to buy electric vehicles and increase customer confidence. He said that the new superfast charging technology will be similar to filling fuel at a gas station.

"We have significantly increased the amount of energy that can go into the battery cell in a short period of time," Dufek said. "Currently, we are seeing more than 90 percent battery charge in 10 minutes without lithium plating or cathode cracking."

The researchers plan to use their model to help develop even better ways and to design new lithium-ion batteries that are optimized to undergo fast charging.

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