Now this electric bike can be rented, it will be unlocked from mobile phone


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Right now we go for bicycle on rent but you will start getting the facility of electric bike on rent soon. Common man will get relief from this facility.

Under the Smart City Smart Bike Project, now preparations are being made to make people ride electric bikes. Let us tell you that the chartered company has been given its work.

The way chartered cycle stands have been made in the city, similarly a survey is also being done to make a stand for it.

Advance will be paid

Electric bike on rent in mp: Around 1000 e-bikes are to be brought under the scheme. Advance payment will be taken for e-bikes like chartered cycles. Monitoring will be done through GIS system and there will be a lock and unlock system on the stand.

Advance payment will be taken for this also. In this also the fare will be on hourly basis. Currently 500 cycles are being run in the city under this project. Now renting vehicles from electric bikes will prove to be very beneficial for the people.

The bike will be charged on the stand itself

Electric bike on rent in mp: With the introduction of electric bikes, the use of private vehicles will be reduced to a great extent. One good thing in this is that the electric bike will be fully charged on the stand itself.

For example, if a person has to go from New Market to Lalita Nagar in Kolar, then the amount of time he took to reach Lalita Nagar, will have to pay the same fee.

If the electric bike is kept from one stand to another, it will start charging there as well. Smart City is working on PPP mode to run 1000 electric bikes on rent in the city.

There will be no cost of smart city in this and people will also get the facility of movement by electric bike. The work of which is going on in the final stages.

Lock will be unlocked from mobile app

Electric bike on rent in mp: Smart city is constantly making efforts for the convenience of the residents. In order to improve public transport and in view of the increasing pollution, electric bikes are being promoted.

Till now the scheme for bicycle on rent under My Bike was successful in only a few areas. It is expected from the e-bike that the common man of the city will also be able to connect with it.

The entire system to unlock the lock from the stand of the e-bike will be operated by mobile apps only. Along with this, the code will come on the mobile number, immediately after entering it, the e-bike will be unlocked at the stand.

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