Now the income tax will fall on these officers, the list is ready, see


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Crime has increased significantly due to the arrival of corrupt and bribery officers in many departments of UP. Many officers do scams with the general public for their own benefit, and rob them. To eliminate bribery, the government of UP has taken a step forward.

The Income Tax Department of UP has released Operation Babu Saheb Part-2. The Income Tax Department took major action on Wednesday against more than 12 corrupt and bribery officers in Uttar Pradesh.

Under this operation, the Income Tax Department has raided about 22 locations. According to the information, the Income Tax team has conducted raids at 22 places including Lucknow and Kanpur. There are more than one and a half dozen officers on the target of Income Tax Department.

About one and a half dozen officers posted in many departments of UP are now on target of Income Tax Department. Entrepreneurship Training Institute Institution, Industries Department, UP Industrial Consultant Limited, Enterprises Department along with some private industrialists are being raided. There has been a stir after this raid which started in a secret manner.

Action under Operation Babu Saheb Part-2
This action is being taken under Operation Babu Saheb Part-2. Its operation started from Delhi on 18 June. Now the operation of this operation has started in Lucknow and Kanpur of UP. According to the report, the Income Tax Department had received inputs that officers of these departments were being indulged in various schemes ranging from tenders. After getting the evidence, now the surprise raid has been started.

Where is the raid taking place?
The Income Tax team first reached DP Singh's residence from Shahdara's residence in Delhi. Income Tax team has taken DP Singh with them to Lucknow. DP Singh is currently working in Kanpur. On August 31, raids were going on at two other locations including one location in Delhi, 10 locations in Kanpur and 10 locations in Lucknow.

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