No one is taking the contract of sand mines in the district, the mafia has fun

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: There is a strange situation in the mineral department in the district. For the last one and a half years, sand mines are not being auctioned in the district. In such a situation, sand is being supplied in the district without any contract.

For this reason, the sand mines were not auctioned for one and a half years. In such a situation, now the department has prepared a proposal for auction of mines in small groups. Due to non-auction of mines, illegal sand business is flourishing in the district and mafia is having fun under the guise of mines lying vacant due to lack of auction. The department has floated tenders several times in one and a half years, but no one is ready to take the mine in the group.

Sand contract in the district was canceled in March 2021

In March-2021, the government canceled the contract for sand mines in the district. After this, the second contract has not been done so far. As a result, illegal sand mining and transportation work is going on indiscriminately in the district. The Mineral Department is also not cracking down on these mafia involved in the game of mining, saying that there is a contract from the government level.

Even though the government is incurring loss of royalty of lakhs of rupees every day in the form of royalty, but mining businessmen are getting huge profit from this. Not only this, due to lack of control on the prices of sand, the common man is also forced to pay more for it.
This is a complete set of sand mines

In March, 21 sand mines of the district could not be auctioned after the contract of group sand mine was canceled. The department took out tenders thrice within this one and a half, but no one came forward after all three.

When its report went to the government and the reason for more contract money came, a way was found to do it in small groups. In such a situation, the department has again floated tenders for auction of sand mines by forming groups of 3 to 3 sand mines.

After the tender of 9 mines, the remaining 12 mines have been canceled by the department after preparing the report of being filled with water. Here tenders of 9 mines are yet to be opened.
With the contract money being more, there is no interest in taking the group. For these two reasons, sand mines are not being auctioned. At the same time, due to the lack of auction, the supply of sand in the district continues illegally. The department has proved unsuccessful in curbing this.

Departmental staff is not able to tighten

No one is able to break the magic of this big earning game. Police is also catching a few tractor-trolleys and the department is also doing it here. The contract money is high and the auction in the group may not be pleasing to the sand traders and are not taking interest in it, but still no change is happening at the government level.

For this reason sand mines were not auctioned and from illegal sand mining to transportation work is going on. As if the department has given approval on illegal mining and transportation of sand. The departmental staff is unable to crack down on this illegal sand business that is flourishing in the district.

Tenders floated in three groups for 9 mines

Tenders were floated thrice for the first 21 mines but no one came forward. They have been removed due to water filling in 12 mines. Now only 9 mines have put up tenders for auction in the form of small group 3-3.

Tender is also not open. Tender process is being done repeatedly for auction of sand mines in the district. At the same time, continuous action is being taken on illegal mining and transportation. -Bhavna Sengar, District Mineral Officer

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