Nitin Gadkari launches Toyota Flex Fuel Pilot Project, will get rid of rising petrol and diesel prices

nitin gadkari

Newz Fast, Automobile: To provide relief from the rising prices of petrol and diesel, the country's Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has launched the pilot project of Toyota's Flex Fuel-Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicle (FFV-SHEV).

Let us tell you that through this project, this car will be the first such vehicle in the country, which will run on 100% ethanol. Let us tell you here that flex-fuel is a fuel that is made by mixing gasoline and methanol or ethanol. The special thing in this is that the amount of petrol in it is very less.

Work on the plan has been expedited since pollution-free Carnitin Gadkari announced at the 62nd Annual Session of the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA) that he would soon unveil India's first flex-fuel car. This car will not only reduce pollution, but at the same time it is also being seen as an alternative to petrol and diesel. Vehicles running on this fuel will be pollution free.

Flex Fuel Kit in this Toyota model The Kia FitFlex Fuel Kit is fitted with the Toyota Corolla, which is an Altis FFV-SHEV and has been imported from Toyota Brazil as a pilot project.

The FFV-SHEV car is powered by a flex-fuel engine and an electric powertrain that delivers higher fuel efficiency by using high ethanol. Let us tell you that such cars can use any high combination of ethanol mixture from 20% to 100%.

According to reports, work is also being done on hydrogen-powered cars in the country, for which it is necessary to have green hydrogen available at the rate of about $ 1 (about Rs 80) per kilogram. If this happens then driving a car in India will become much cheaper.

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