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Boyfriend said - relations were formed many times with the consent of the girlfriend, the girl went to jail, know why

Newz Fast, Viral Desk: The man I was about to marry was fighting with my bestie at a Durga Puja pandal

Someone has rightly said that long distance relationships have no trust.

This is because sometimes it becomes very difficult to maintain love in this type of relationship.
During this, not only the possibility of cheating on the partner increases a lot, but he is not together even though he is together.

I too have gone through the same phase. Actually, this thing is from the year 2018, when I was going to marry my boyfriend after eight years of relationship.

My parents happily fixed my relationship with my boyfriend. We were all very happy. The family of both of us was also happy with this relationship. At the end of the year, the date of my marriage was also fixed.

I can't tell you how excited I was to spend the rest of my life with him.

However, one of the reasons for this was that both of us had been living in different states for a long time, due to which we spent most of the time in a long distance relationship.

Actually, after getting a good opportunity, I shifted to Pune for a job. During this time I had to leave Kolkata.

However, I was deeply saddened to leave my love and family. That's because now it was going to be very difficult for me to maintain a long distance relationship.

But thankfully everything went well.

We used to have small fights, but it never affected our relationship. (All photos are indicative, we keep their identity secret in the stories shared by the users)

I wanted to surprise her

Actually, during Durga Puja in the year 2018, I had come from Pune to Kolkata to spend time with my family.
During this I was very excited. This is because my future life partner was also going to come to meet me.

I was completely surprised to see him in front of me, as he was looking smarter and more handsome than before.
However, I wanted to spend some time with him in the pandal itself.

But during this time I was so tired that I decided to take rest for some time. This is also one of the reasons why I stayed at a nearby pandal to surprise him.

I just got a surprise

On the same evening of Durga Puja, I reached the nearby pandal after getting dressed up. The sounds of mother's cheers and drums and drums were encouraging me.

But what I saw upon reaching there shocked me. Actually, my lover was laughing with another woman.
That woman was none other than my ex-best friend, with whom my conversation had stopped a few years back. We had not spoken to each other till today.

In such a situation, I got very angry seeing her with my boyfriend. She lived in our neighbourhood, so it was natural to meet.

I came back to my house and asked my boyfriend to meet me there so that we could go out somewhere else. That's because I wasn't interested in meeting my ex-bestie.

Both were holding hands like lovers

I almost gave up thinking about this incident. That's because everything was going well between us.
I was not feeling well except on the last day of worship and I had a flight to Pune the next day.

In such a situation, I thought that the work for which I had come, should be completed. I decided to celebrate Durga Puja. I gathered a lot of courage and Durga reached the pandal.

Going there I saw that my boyfriend is not only holding my friend's hand but they are also looking at each other with love.
Both of them were looking at each other as if they were lovers. I was shocked to see all this. I got very angry. i went to him
He was completely frozen seeing me. Looking at him, it was as if he had seen a ghost.

He cheated on both of us

I asked him what is going on. My friend said that she is holding her lover's hand, so why am I having a problem.
His words confused me. I said he is my boyfriend.

We are in relationship for 8 years. My ex bestie was shocked to hear all this. He said that we have been together since 2017.
That shameless man was standing in front of both of us with his head down. For a moment I thought I should slap him but I didn't.

Hearing all this, I was deeply broken. That's because we were about to get married in a few days. That's where he was cheating on me.

We became good friends again

Before I could think of anything, my friend slapped her. Soon after, I hit the next slap. The whole crowd started looking at us.

Both of us told his whole truth in front of everyone. After this my friend and I met at our house. We both had our hearts broken.
My friend put his hand on me and dared me to come out of it all.

Today my ex bestie and I have become best friends. Our friendship became stronger because of that man, which is much better than being in a cheating relationship.

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