Mustard Farming: This new variety of mustard will be ready in 100 days, farmers will get bumper profits

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Sowing of Rabi season crops has started. The question that arises the most in the minds of the farmers is that which type of crop should be cultivated, so that with high yield, there is a huge profit.

Today we are going to tell you about such a variety of mustard, from which farmers can earn double profits. For this, the cultivation of mustard can prove beneficial for the farmer brothers.

Let us tell you that mustard is said to be the major cash crop in Rabi season. Mustard is grown more in India to extract oil from the crop. Mustard is also in high demand in the market.

Therefore, farmers can get good production by sowing improved varieties of mustard. Many new varieties of seeds have been prepared by agricultural scientists for the benefit of farmers.

One of these new varieties is the improved variety of mustard, Pusa Sarson-28, which gives good production to the farmers in less time.

Improved variety of Mustard Pusa 28

With this variety of mustard, farmers can get good production of the crop. This variety matures well within 105 to 110 days of sowing. If seen, the production from Pusa 28 varieties of seeds ranges from 1750 to 1990 kg.

From this variety not only oil but also green fodder for animals are prepared. Apart from this, up to 21 percent oil content is found in their seeds.
Pusa Sarson 28 is no less than a boon for the farmers of Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir. The soil and climate of these states are suitable for its cultivation.

Keep these things in mind while farming

The time from October 5 to October 25 is considered suitable for the cultivation of mustard in Rabi season.

To get more production from mustard cultivation, the farmer should use spraying method or queue method in the field.

By doing this it becomes easy to monitor the crop and at the same time it becomes easy to do weeding. If farmers want, they can use indigenous plow or seed drill for this.

During sowing, keep in mind that there should be a distance of 30 cm between the seed lines and 10-12 cm between the plants.
By using organic method, farmers will get double profit from this variety.

Apart from this, farmers should also take care of a distance of 2 to 3 cm for better germination of seeds.
If the farmer wants, by contacting any of his agricultural scientists, he can get good production from mustard cultivation.

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