Maruti Suzuki has removed this car from its website, know who replaced it


Newz Fast, Automobile: Maruti Suzuki, one of the largest car makers in the country has recently removed the S-Cross car from its website.

This crossover car of the company was a part of the Nexa dealership in the country. This crossover subcompact SUV has been replaced by another car on the company's website.

Which car took the place?

After Maruti Suzuki removed the S-Cross from its website, it has been replaced by a new car. The company has replaced one crossover subcompact SUV and replaced it with another crossover subcompact SUV Grand Vitara.

What is the reason behind the removal of S-Cross?

For some time, there was a lot of speculation that the company might stop the production of this car in the country in some time. When the company launched it, it was expected that this car would make a splash in the subcompact SUV segment by performing well in the market.

The company also wanted to compete with Hyundai's popular crossover subcompact SUV Creta in the same segment. But the company did not get success in this.

For this reason, there was speculation about discontinuing the further production of this car for some time. In such a situation, these speculations have intensified after the company removed it from its website.

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