Liquor will not be available without Hamlet, the Excise Department has made a new rule to prevent road accidents


Newz Fast, New Delhi: The Excise Department has taken a big step for the safety of the people. Explain that the Excise Department has taken this decision in the interest of two wheeler drivers.

According to the Excise Department, now only those who wear helmets will get liquor in Jabalpur. Liquor will not be given to those without helmet. The implementation of this order of the department has started.

In order to reduce vehicle accidents, the Jabalpur High Court had ordered the Madhya Pradesh government to make helmets mandatory for two wheeler drivers.

The government has also given orders and the traffic police is also running a vigorous campaign to wear helmets. But the drivers are that they are not taking the name of the believer. Now the Excise Department has gone two steps ahead and removed the new order.

The order reads…
Excise Department Jabalpur has ordered the liquor shop operators. It states that they should not give alcohol to such two wheeler drivers who are not wearing helmets. Banner posters should be put up outside shops and contracts.

In which it is written that alcohol will not be given to the drivers without helmet. The execution of the order has also started. Banner posters have been put up outside shops and contracts. Alcohol is not being given to those people. After this, liquor lovers will now be able to buy alcohol only by wearing a helmet.

Strictness on liquor shops

Excise officer says that most of the accidents happen with drunken drivers. People are putting their lives and others' lives in danger by drinking and driving vehicles without wearing helmets.

Therefore, now without helmets, there is a ban on taking liquor in liquor shops. The employees working in liquor shops are cooperating in this new innovation of the Excise Department.

They are refusing to give liquor to customers coming without helmets. He believes that if the mandatory helmet is implemented to avoid the accidents that happen every day, then of course its results will be good. For this they are ready to cooperate.

MP among states with highest number of road accidents

Madhya Pradesh is included in the states of the country where the highest number of road accidents occur. The death toll in these is worrying.

Of course before this we have read posters and information like no helmet or no petrol in petrol pumps. But this will be the first time when instructions have been given to ban liquor without helmet in any city of the state.

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