LIC's great plan, deposit money only once, you will get pension for life! Get full information here


Newz Fast, New Delhi: LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) has come up with a scheme that will convince you to invest your mind after reading it.

This scheme is great. By the way, LIC keeps running schemes for people of all ages. If you want that you do not have to bear the burden of premium and after a few years you will get a hefty amount,

So you can invest in this scheme of LIC
It is a non-linked single premium scheme. Under this scheme, the policyholder has to pay the premium only once. After this, the policyholder will continue to get pension for life.

It is an immediate annuity plan as per the guidelines of insurance regulator IRDAI. LIC said about this policy that this plan has the same terms and conditions as for all life insurance companies.

Under this plan of LIC, the policyholder can choose any one of the two available annuity options. In this plan, one can also take a loan after 6 months from the date of commencement of the policy.

How to buy this plan -
You can buy this plan both online and offline.
Can be purchased online from the website
The minimum annuity in the scheme is Rs 12 thousand per year.

There will be no maximum purchase price limit in this plan.
People between 40 years to 80 years can buy this scheme.
If you want to take advantage of monthly pension, then you have to invest at least one thousand rupees in a month.
In this way, at least 3 thousand will have to be invested in a month for quarterly pension.

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