Kerala Human Sacrifice Case: Big disclosure of this case, at the behest of the tantrik, the doctor couple cooked and ate the pieces of human corpse


Newz Fast, New Delhi: A doctor couple from Kerala sacrificed two women to bring wealth and property into the house. After the sacrifice, the doctor couple also committed cruelty with the dead bodies of women at the behest of the tantrik.

Disclosing the matter today, Kerala Police said that the couple killed the women by slitting their throats. Then at the behest of the tantrik, the women's blood was sprinkled on the walls of the house. So much so that both of them ate after cooking the pieces of the corpse of the women.

The main conspirator behind this shocking incident, Mohd. There is a tantrik named Shafi. He befriended the women and first took them into confidence and then kidnapped her and got her a human sacrifice.

Mutilated bodies of two women found from a house

Today the mutilated bodies of two women were found inside a house by the police from Tiruvalla here. Police said that the tantrik had taught this bandage to the doctor couple that by sacrificing women, wealth and property would increase in the house. After this the Muslim tantrik Mohd. Dr. Bhagwal Singh and his wife Laila have been arrested at the behest of Shafi. The accused sent to judicial custody till October 26.

A case of human sacrifice has been registered against them. According to the police, the miscreants first killed the women and then cut their bodies into several pieces and buried them in a house near Thiruvalla.

Sacrifice of two women aged 52 and 50

Police officials say that these women were sacrificed due to black magic. The accused had worshiped to become rich, befriended these women for sacrifice and then abducted and sacrificed themselves. The deceased have been identified as Padmam (52) resident of Kadavanthara and Rosili (50) resident of Kaldi. Both were missing since September 26.

Police called the accused a psycho, the main conspirator of the tantrik

Giving information about the matter, Kochi Police Commissioner CH Nagaraju said that we had questioned Shafi earlier, but no clue was found in him. We reached the spot only on the basis of scientific investigation.

Shafi is the main conspirator and accused. Police said that the person who conspired is a mentally deformed person. Police is also probing whether the two women were raped before being put to death.

BJP leader Prakash Javadekar called the incident inhuman

According to the police, 'human sacrifice' was done due to black magic. The arrested doctor couple and tantrik Mohd. Shafi was produced before the sessions court in Ernakulam. The court sent the three accused to judicial custody till October 26.

Here in this case senior BJP leader Prakash Javadekar has strongly criticized the Left Front government. He strongly condemned the incident as inhuman. He said that crimes against women are increasing in the state. This incident is not only anti-women, but there may be CPI(M) workers and fundamentalists behind the scenes.

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