Jitendra fell in love with these actresses during the film, spent the night with them.

Boyfriend said - relations were formed many times with the consent of the girlfriend, the girl went to jail, know why

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Jitendra is one of the most famous actors in the 70's and 80's, he is also known as Jumping Jack due to his amazing dancing skills, made his mark with his superb acting and gave many hits.

People used to eagerly wait to see his films, you must have also seen Jitendra's films, but today we are going to tell you about his love life.

Famous Hindi film actor Ravi Kapoor aka Jitendra Ravi Kapoor aka Jitendra fell in love with some actresses during the film with whom he had a relationship but could not marry them.

Despite adding names to many actresses in the film industry, Jeetendra married Shobha Kapoor in the year 1974.

Jeetendra had an affair with these actresses

In the 80s, Jeetendra and Rekha were a well-known pair of the film world. Both worked together in many superhit films. According to media reports, the closeness between the two during the shooting of 'Ek Bechara' grew but, Jitendra was already dating Shobha Kapoor.

It is said that Jeetendra had told Rekha a time pass in front of a junior artist, due to which Rekha later broke up with him.

Hema Malini fell in love again

Hema Malini entered Jeetendra's life after the love affair broke with Rekha. The love story of both was so strong that they had decided to get married. It is said that the families of both were also happy for the marriage.

Both were about to get married in a temple but, due to Dharmendra, they could not get married. During the marriage of both Dharmendra reached there with Jitendra's girlfriend Shobha Kapoor and then they created a ruckus after which Hema broke the marriage with Jitendra.

Heart came to Sridevi

Jitendra and Sridevi did many superhit films together. After Himmatwala, the closeness between the two increased and the news of the affair started coming. At that time Jitendra was married to Shobha Kapoor and the wife was upset with these news.

It is said that Shobha Kapoor once invited Sridevi to her house for food, after which something happened between the two that Sridevi started making distance with Jitendra.

Amitabh's wife has also been Jitendra's Mehbooba

Jeetendra's love affair was also with Amitabh Bachchan's wife Jaya Bachchan. There was a special relationship between the two and for a long time both of them kept on dating each other. However, suddenly the distance between the two increased and they separated.

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