It is not necessary to eat meat and eggs for protein, you can also make friends with these fruits


Newz Fast, New Delhi: There is no doubt that meat, eggs and fish are rich sources of protein, if eaten in limited quantities, then this nutritional requirement will be fulfilled and the body will not be harmed.

But those who are vegetarians have compulsion with them that they cannot eat these things, they have to find other options. You can also get protein by eating some fruits. Do not depend on non-veg items for this.

Protein Rich Fruits

1. Orange
Who does not like orange and its juice, it is eaten to get Vitamin C, which boosts immunity. It also contains protein which strengthens the muscles. That's why consume oranges regularly.

2. Guava
Guava is generally considered an important fruit for digestion, but very few people know that it can also be eaten to gain protein. About 4.2 grams of protein is found in a bowl of chopped guava. It is better to consume guava directly.

3. Avocado
Avocado is considered an important source of protein, if you eat a bowl of avocado, then the body will get about 4 grams of protein. There are many nutritious elements in it. Due to having protein, the body gets strength

4. Kiwi
The taste of Kiwi attracts all of us, as well as it is considered equally beneficial for health. About 2.1 grams of protein is obtained by eating one kiwi. Apart from this, many other nutrients are also available.

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