Indian Railways: This train caused a loss of crores to the Railways, to compensate, the Finance Ministry made this plan

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Under a scheme, Railways had entrusted the responsibility of running Tejas trains to private operators. For the first time this experiment of railways was unsuccessful.

The railway has suffered a loss of Rs 63 crore due to the operation of this train. Tejas train operates on Delhi to Lucknow and Mumbai to Ahmedabad route. It was reported that the Tejas train running from Delhi to Lucknow was running at a loss of 27.52 crores.

Train running in loss will benefit!

Recently, the Department of Expenditure of Finance Ministry has prepared such a plan, after which the train running in loss will benefit.

According to the circular of the Ministry of Finance, central employees will be able to travel by Tejas Express during the official tour.

On the basis of the approval from the government, government employees will be able to travel by Tejas train for official tour, training, transfer and retirement etc.

In the circular issued by the Ministry of Finance, it was also said that while traveling in Tejas Express, they will get the same facilities, which were available during the journey in Shatabdi.

As per the 2017 order, government officials were allowed to travel by premium trains/premium tatkal trains.

Who is eligible to travel in which class

- Pay Level 12 and above in Pay Matrix : Executive / AC Ac 1st Class / Premium Tatkal / Suvidha / Shatabdi / Rajdhani Train.

- Pay Level 6 and above in Pay Matrix : AC 2nd Class / Chair Car (Shatabdi Train)
- Pay Level 5 and above in Pay Matrix : AC 3rd Class / Chair Car

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