Indian Railway Rule: If you carry more luggage than this on a ticket in the train, then you will be fined, check immediately


Newz Fast, New Delhi: It is time for Diwali and Chhath Puja, people have booked train tickets to go home. On this festive season, everyone takes their belongings to their homes.

If you are also going to travel by train, then you should know how much you can take with you in the train. However it varies according to the class.

If during checking in the train you are found to be more than the prescribed limit, then you will have to loose your pocket. That is, now you may have to pay a fine for carrying more luggage. So let us tell you how much salmon you can take in which class.

Rules have been fixed for carrying luggage in sleeper coach, tier-2 coach and first class coach in the train. That is, you can carry goods only up to a specified limit. A weight is fixed according to your ticket and luggage can be carried in the train accordingly.

According to the rules of the Railways, a passenger can carry 40 kg of luggage in a sleeper coach. If there are two people, then up to 80 kg of luggage can be carried. This limit is on a per passenger basis.

At the same time, in Tier-2 coach, a passenger can carry up to 50 kg of luggage. In first class this limit becomes more. Those traveling in first class can carry luggage up to 70 kg.

Here is the fine

If someone travels in a train with more baggage than the limit, then he has to pay a fine of more than Rs 600 for a journey of 500 km. This penalty is decided on the basis of distance. If there is more luggage then it has to be deposited in the luggage compartment.

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